Service Directories

Content and Article Writers also specializes in the creation, optimization, and marketing of local and regional service directories. Each of these directories contains a comprehensive list of services, recreation, entertainment, and shopping locations in the community the directory is created for. Our “News” section is comprised of RSS blog posts automatically re-published from our clients websites, an additional form of promotion and exposure.

The option to place a page for any business on one of these local service directories is available for an affordable all-inclusive fee of just $250 per year. That includes the production and maintenance of the company profile page, regular promotions and advertising, and periodic press releases to increase search engine page rank.

An Opportunity to Build a Business

As a writer, your greatest asset is, obviously, your ability to communicate via written word. These local service directories give you an opportunity to make legitimate money doing just that. If we don’t have one already, we’ll create a service directory in your area and show you how to build it and make money from it doing what you do best – writing. There are no phone calls, no time-consuming sales presentations, and you can choose how much or how little time you want to spend on it. Use the form below to request more information about service directory writing and marketing.

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